Duncan's Annual Fundraiser for Kids

By Any Other Name

The Duncan Jaycees Christmas Auction, The Duncan Rotary Club Christmas Auction, or just the Annual Duncan Christmas Auction…it’s all the same thing. A community coming together to help clothe children in need, provide educational opportunities for our students, and perhaps have a little fun while we’re at it.

The Annual Christmas Auction began in 1957 by the Duncan Jaycees as a means to clothe children in our community who may otherwise go without warm winter clothing. The Duncan Jaycees civic organization partnered with Rotary Club to keep the auction going after participation in the Duncan Jaycee had become almost extinct. The Rotary Club formally took over the auction as an on-going project in 2013. While there may be a few changes, most everything remains the same of the annual Christmas Auction you have come to know and love over the years. Thank you to our wonderful community for your support to make this possible.

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